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As a final gesture to wrap up the program we propose an online collective session. Its aim is to share some of the individual writing or exercises and receive feedback from tutors and colleagues, as well as to collectively create a poetic text based on the main topics and questions aroused during the course.

The meeting is a recurring event with a limitation of 10 participants.

Estimated duration: around 2 hrs.

To take part subscribe for a proposed time in the table below.

Date/ Time (GMT)/ Number of places left/

(organizer provides nearest time/date options and limits the number of attendants)


Empty text field:

Enter an email to receive a zoom link for the meeting.

(user receives a zoom link for a set time)


If by any reason you decide to not take part in the online meeting, we can provide you with instructions for individual work.


Empty text field:

Enter an email to receive an individual task.

Online session content:


This session will be led by program initiator Biljana Ciric.

Meeting duration: 1 hr.


Please prepare and send your selected task from any Block of the program via email It can be a pdf/word file or a link to video or any multimedia file. A folder with participant’s presentations will be sent to your email for preliminary review. During the session you will have 5 minutes to present and 5 minutes for collective feedback.


This session will be led by Anastasia Albokrinova.

Meeting duration: 1 hr.


This session will be dedicated to writing a collective poem in relation to educational practice. You don’t need any prior experience in poetry, but be ready to brainstorm and improvise. Please have your tasks done previously for the program nearby. They may be needed.

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