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Consider being part of the WCSCD growing community. This program is designed for people who want to engage in contemporary social issues through art. 

Join one of our groups to support our programs and vision, but also to gain special access to parts of the programs we present. Support could be on an annual basis or by a three-year engagement.


Volunteers (no age requirement):

If you would like to gain an insight into the work of WCSCD, all the while helping us with various activities, send us an email with a proposed timeframe and area of your involvement. We are happy to consider you becoming a part of our team in the short or long-term run!

Artisans 30€ (up to 35 years old):

For young art lovers who want to connect with the art world deeper.

A gift from our publications’ catalog.

Get personal with the WCSCD team and the people we work with.

Invitation to join one close session during the educational program that is of interest to you. For each session, we invite a limited number of artisans, since we prefer to work in smaller groups. 

Exclusive invitation to a welcome dinner for WCSCD participants.


Companion 500€:

Invitation to join our team and educational program participants for a research trip we organize annually to another country (including meeting professionals in the field, and visiting institutions and galleries with us).

Invitation to join us for artists' studio visits in Serbia. 

Invitation to a dinner with our mentors or invited guests and artists.

A gift from our publications’ catalog.


Artist production supporting circle, 1200€:

You can directly support emerging artists in the production of their new work. Every year, through the educational program, we work with one artist on one of their developing new work.

See some of the artists’ works we supported in the following link:


Artist and curators education supporting circle, 1200€:

Offer the opportunity to an individual to participate in the educational program. You can be anywhere in the world. 

We run an open call for artists and curators for our educational program. However, if you feel that any other artist or curator is in urgent need of the educational program we offer, we are open to your proposals.


Revitalizing the land circle

WCSCD is going through a transition while exploring its relationship to rural land. We are working with communities in the Šumadija region (Central Serbia) towards enabling the land to be used and incorporated into contemporary practice. If you need land access or are exploring similar topics, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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