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Online Learning

This program is developed for artists, curators and cultural workers who want to look at themselves deep in the eye and ask: What is that I care? Why I do things the way I do? What is my relationship to colonial difference? How I relate to the world in most tangible way?

Through mainstream education we rarely recognise importance of contact with what is actually within ourselves or to understanding structure from within ourselves out.

We understand these questions as fundamental when thinking and practising education. Through this program we provide tools and enable processes to look at these questions and practice them.

The program is developed as a set of prerecorded manuals and exercises leading you through number of questions we find crucial for our work: positioning, caring, vernacular gestures and embodied knowledge, slowing down and poetic thinking, acting from and with margins.

Although the program is organised as set of prerecorded manuals, we are proposing two online sessions for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

You can engage in the program at any time, and work through it on your own pace, whenever you need it. If you make effort devoting time as daily practice you will be able to finish it within 10 days. For a slower pace you can take a week for each topic.

For specific exercises we have created platform to share your thoughts and ideas with other participants engaged in the program.


Conceptually the course takes point of departure the WCSCD 2022 educational program and some of the exercises practiced during the offline-course. For occasion of making this program we have invited a friend and collaborator, writer Toby Upson (UK) and an artist collective Skart (Serbia) to create manuals for specific sections and we are really grateful to their contribution.

Program and instructions are developed with a lot of care in collaboration with WCSCD founder Biljana Ciric and curator Anastasia Albokrinova, WCSCD 2022 program participant.

Program Content


The structure of BLOCKS 1-5 is mainly two-part. In the first, we are questioning and triggering the proposed topic. In the second, we explore authentic and creative ways to approach it. For each section, we have an introduction from the tutor, and an individual or collective task. To better merge with the topic, we also provide some additional materials (articles, videos, podcasts) and a set of questions for self-feedback.

BLOCK 1 includes the option of sharing collectively personal presentations through Zoom platform in groups of 10 people maximum.

BLOCK 6 is offered as a collective practice to wrap up the educational experience and is to be conducted in groups of 10 people maximum.



The fee for the course is 110€. We have considered the lowest possible rate, to make it accessible to as many people as possible, while still being able to pay our invited guests and people who produced the program.

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