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Art and the Post-Pandemic Condition – an online curatorial program and support grant for art practitioners

Open call: May 15th 2020
End of the open call June 15th 2020
Start of the program July 15th 2020

Practical information related to the program:
Fee for the workshop is 450 euros
Maximum number of applicants 20


WCSCD is launching a one-month online program from July 15th to August 15th reflecting on the post-pandemic condition that we are slowly entering into. This one month program hopes to provoke thinking, reflection and solidarity but also to serve as a collective annotation for our new reality.

Through a series of workshops, the curatorial program will open discussions on how our work as artists and curators will be affected. What are some of the fundamental changes that we could address at this very moment to initiate that change? We are hoping to learn from Indigenous knowledge, small scale institutions, different species, notions of care and ways of staying connected from the past, the present and the future, finding gaps from where new relationships and encounters could emerge.

While economic pressure forces nation-states to re-open we would like to pose urgent questions addressing the modes of working within the sphere of art that is deeply informed by neoliberal mechanisms. Amid fear of others, suffering and loss of lives, the pandemic has made us pause and to rethink our place in the world and our relationship to other human beings and species.

We are hoping to initiate a series of workshops on how to facilitate different modes of working within the sphere of art from individual standpoints but also from a sense of belonging to a community. How can we organize ourselves and discuss different values publicly? How do we deal with the digitalized world imposed on us? Where is it still possible to find cracks for touch and proximity within a highly sanitized world?

Many cultural producers are already familiar with different forms of insecurity and precarity. We will look at existing ways of working which are characterized by agility and resilience. A case in question is how small-scale visual arts organisations across the planet have developed methodologies which made it possible to keep running under the neoliberal economic regime. Another case is artists who have developed and maintained a practice without reverting to high production value. This is a good moment to explore unconventional sites and infrastructure that is in place and how they can be activated concerning art, from beaches and forests to libraries and schools.

We see the post-pandemic condition as the beginning of a new struggle.  It is a common struggle traversing the borders of nation-states, involving practitioners working with contemporary art having a variety of backgrounds. As online program practitioners from all geographies are welcome to apply.

The mentors leading the program are Maria Lind, Natasa Petresin Bachelez and Biljana Ciric.

Practical information related to the program:
Fee for the workshop is 450 euros
Maximum number of applicants 20


Application procedure
Please send your bio or CV and a short reflection or statement related to the post-pandemic conditions from your perspective.

The online sessions will be organized through Zoom and will require preparation, including the readings and different forms of exercises, both physical (what does that imply) and conceptual. There will be approximately three workshops led by the mentors per week and the duration of each session will be two hours.

Besides fees for the mentors, part of the budget of the program will be distributed as a grant for three artists as a form of community support.

Artists will be reached through the open call while selection panel will consist of program participants and mentors for grant

Artists based in any former Yugoslav country are eligible to apply

Support fund for artists is 500 euros.

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