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Glossary l(a)unch: a passage between collecting and transforming

Workshops  dates:

June 14th 1pm Goethe Institute Belgrade

June 15th 12 noon Skup Udruzenje, Novi Sad


Workshops conceived and led by Asida Butba, Anna Ilchenko, Andrey Parshikov, Laura Rositani and Mirjana Savic


Participants of WCSCD educational program, led by international curator Biljana Ciric, invite you to a workshop aimed at starting a conversation around rural cultural practices in the region.

The group of curators, composed of Asida Butba, Anna Ilchenko, Andrey Parshikov, Laura Rositani and Mirjana Savic, were involved in a year-long project in which they investigated examples of rural communities linked to artistic processes in the Western Balkans. The curatorial approach of the group aims to subvert the idea of the archive as a simple collection of information, thus making this research always alive and in progress. The research fields include: economics, politics, art, spirituality and gender issues, collected through a glossary idea. The glossary is intended to serve not only as an archive but also as an attempt to find new meanings for the words.

This workshop aims to expand research on the topic and make it public and collective. Through the sharing of ideas and experiences and collective writing, the proposal is to create a new knowledge archive that is accessible to everyone.


Some of the questions we would like to continue unpacking through workshops and collective wisdom of  participants are: Communal art making- the concept  that goes beyond human collaboration, and involves interactions with both human and non-human entities, including the land itself; Way of adopting and fusing multiple economic and lifestyle strategies of practices in rural and whether and how they can become useful reference to think post pandemic crises we are in; Gender complexities in rural through prism of family projects and invisible labor of woman; Presence of spirituality as a collective principles and communal ethos.



  • Introduction (15 minutes):

    • Presentation of the research process and glossary

  • Sharing of ideas and experiences (60 minutes):

    • Participants are invited to sit around a table where a paper tablecloth will serve as the space for leaving traces in the process of collective response which can be anything - an association, a memory, a visual or another term. People can write directly on the shared tablecloth in order to have shared thoughts on a big unique piece of paper.

    • The process will be accompanied by a shared meal to create a moment of further conversation and sharing.

  • Collective reading (30 minutes):

    • Collective reading of the mind mapping and group discussion.

    • Creation of a collective manifesto.

  • Conclusion (15 minutes):

    • Reflections on the workshop activity and on the outcome


The workshop is free and open to everyone. No prior knowledge, special skills or requirements needed. Participants are encouraged to share their unique perspectives within a safe and supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas.

Everyone is invited to bring some food and drinks to share with the group at the picnic after workshops.

Registration is required: for workshop in Belgrade pls send an e-mail to to confirm your participation.

For workshop in Novi Sad pls register via Skup Udruzenje

For further information, feel free to contact us.

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