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As you go... Journal Special Issue April 2021

10 Apr 2021

Biljana Ciric

Throughout the first year of inquiry, As you go…roads under your feet, towards the new future, most of the research has dealt with human-made changes and how this has interfered with the local life of other people. However, there is very little mention of the non-human world, or an acknowledgement of its existence and transformation.

For the april edition of our online journal, I asked each researcher and partner cells (if there are many of you in one cell, you must still each individually participate) to contribute two keywords.

The first describing one non-human existence which has disappeared from the earth in relation to the changes within their research.

The second a non-human existence that has emerged from the new living conditions that have transformed within your respective research.

The keyword and its accompanying description could range from one sentence to an entire page, could be sounds of short video, and image.

This special feature of journal in march will acknowledge our interdependence in the world that virus reminded us of but also proposition to act and view the world as truly interconnected web knowing that we are just one part of it. It is invitation to become conscious of the world under our feet, making each step lighter, acknowledging the world below. 

Biljana Ciric

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